Having a rabbit in a lockdown period

nowlapins,rabbit at home,rabbit lockdown period,bunny care

Julie Lambert, Paris, France

November 6, 2020


The year 2020 was marked by Covid-19 and its periods of restriction and lockdown related to this disease. While lockdown has dramatically changed our lives, it has also changed the lives of our pets. In order to get a clearer picture, I propose this article dedicated to lockdown.

nowlapins,rabbit at home,rabbit lockdown period,bunny care

Pipine resting during lockdown.

Photographed by Vincent Ribet.

01 – Adopt in a period of lockdown

You wanted to adopt a rabbit but now that the lockdown has been decreed, you are wondering if you can still travel to pick up your animal? Yes, in order to avoid shelters being overwhelmed by too many animals, the French government has authorised, as an exception, the right to travel to go and adopt an animal. So if you’ve thought it over carefully and are determined to bring a rabbit into your life on a long-term basis, don’t wait any longer. Nevertheless, please contact your shelter to find out about all the details related to travel and adoption.

02 – Living with your rabbit in lockdown

Are you confined to your home, studying at a distance, short-time working or teleworking? As a result, you will change your life habits and indirectly the habits of your rabbit. As animals are very sensitive to sudden changes in daily life, I recommend that you be careful and change your habits gradually. If, for example, you wake up later and go to bed later during the confinement period, try nevertheless to leave your rabbits a normal rhythm of life or adapt it gradually, by opening the shutters for them, keeping the same meal times, etc…etc.

Also take advantage of being at home with them to spend more time directly with them, play with them, pet them and show them that you are there. Nevertheless, respect their rhythm, especially their nap periods by avoiding too intense noises such as TV or other noises during these periods.

nowlapins,rabbit at home,rabbit lockdown period,bunny care

Pinpin and Pipine celebrating Halloween lockdown.

Photographed by Vincent Ribet.

03 – Care and feeding during periods of lockdown

Even if the country is confined, you still have to continue to care for and feed your rabbit. Luckily, veterinarians and food shops are always open and you are allowed to travel for these reasons. However, beware that some products such as hay may be out of stock, which can quickly arrive in some pet shops. I therefore advise you to be far-sighted.

nowlapins,rabbit at home,rabbit lockdown period,bunny care


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