Dwarf rabbit toys

Rabbits are very active and curious animals. Toys allow them to be entertained and to fully enrich their environment on a daily basis by avoiding boredom.

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My rabbit urinates on the sofa

You are happy, you have finally been able to educate your rabbit so that it learns to pee only in its litter box! Bravo, you have done most of its education. Unfortunately, you only turn around for 5 minutes…

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Dwarf rabbits and Christmas trees

The end of the year is approaching, the good smell of gingerbread invades the kitchen. So it’s time to install the fir tree, balls and garlands to light up your living room. But one question…

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Toilet training

Now you’re ready to let your rabbit free! But after a few minutes you realise that your rabbit is still…

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Protect your home

The rabbit, especially when young, is a very curious animal. He likes to test everything and above all to taste everything.This is why, before your rabbit goes out…

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A cage for my rabbit?

HABITATA cage for my rabbit?Julie Lambert, Paris, FranceSeptember, 30 2020When you want to acquire a rabbit, you often imagine that you will place your future rabbit in a cage and that it will stay there constantly...

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