Fighting parasites in the dwarf rabbit

Dwarf rabbit Julie Lambert

Julie Lambert, Paris, France

November 17, 2020


Rabbits, like a large number of other animals, can be victims of parasites. Fleas, ticks and other pests can infect your rabbit and have great consequences for it, its fellow rabbits and its environment. That is why it is important to know how to protect your rabbit and how to control it in case of infection.

01 – When to protect your rabbit?

Not all rabbits have to be treated against parasites. Whether or not to treat your rabbit will mainly depend on its environment. If your rabbit regularly goes outside, is in contact with other rabbits or even other animals it is wise to prevent the risk of infection by protecting your rabbit with specific products every month. Similarly, when your rabbit is regularly hospitalized for health problems, it is advisable to treat it against parasites, as during these periods it will be more exposed to other animals.
On the other hand, if your rabbit lives entirely indoors and is not in contact with any other animal, it is not necessarily necessary to use anti-parasite products regularly, even though a preventive treatment from time to time may not be dangerous.

Lapin Nain Extérieur Jardin Puces Insectes Tiques

Pipine enjoying the garden.

Photographed by Julie Lambert.

02 – The different parasites

The rabbit can be the victim of many parasites, among them we find :

1. Mites

Mite type parasites can attack your rabbit. They lodge themselves in the back of the rabbit and cause it to shed its hair.

2. Scabies

Scabies often affects rabbits that live outdoors and are weakened or old.

3. Lice

Lice mainly attack farmed rabbits.

4. Fleas

Fleas can also attack rabbits. Rabbits are often infected through contact with another infected animal.

5. Ticks

In the case of rabbits living or wandering in gardens, they may be infected by a tick hiding in their fur.

As soon as you notice the presence of a possible parasite, it is essential to make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible. The latter will take a sample to identify the parasite and treat your rabbit with the ideal product.

Dwarf rabbit garden

03 – Pest control products for rabbits

Many people think that natural products based on essential oils sold in pharmacies or pet shops are ideal for protecting rabbits. You should not use this type of product without a veterinarian’s advice. Many of these products cause severe allergic reactions in rabbits and can lead to serious burns.

Therefore, despite what we might think at first glance, I encourage you to use drug-like chemicals, sold by your veterinarian. The best products are rabbit specific products such as Stronghold pipettes to be placed in the neck of your rabbit.

Finally, dog or cat products should not be used. Some products are extremely toxic, such as Frontline pipettes, which can kill rabbits. Therefore, avoid bringing your dog or cat into contact with your rabbit if you have just recently treated your dog or cat.

Lapin nain Nowlapins Rongeur


The dwarf rabbit, that rodent that it is not

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A dwarf rabbit in a flat

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