Identifying your dwarf rabbit

Dwarf rabbit, ram rabbit, angora rabbit, … Is it compulsory to identify your rabbit as it is for a dog or a cat? Many rabbit owners ask themselves this question.

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Insure your dwarf rabbit

In order to avoid having to choose an amputation or euthanasia when surgery or treatment is possible for financial reasons only, I advise you to take out rabbit insurance…

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Dwarf rabbit dewlap

Dewlap is the name given to the double chin that can be seen on some rabbits. It is a natural fat reserve. Dewlap is a peculiarity peculiar to females in dwarf rabbits.

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Pododermatitis in dwarf rabbits

La pododermatite est un mal qui touche régulièrement les lapins de compagnie en raison du fait que les lapins n’ont pas de coussinets qui protègent leurs pattes mais uniquement une fine…

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List of rabbit associations and shelters

You witness abuse or neglect with a rabbit? Do you want to save a life by adopting a rabbit from an association or shelter? You will find in this article a non-exhaustive list of associations and shelters for rabbits…

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Brushing your rabbit

Brushing your rabbit is an important grooming step and should be done regularly, especially during the moulting period and even more so if you have an angora or long-haired rabbit. If you have a rabbit…

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