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Julie Lambert, Paris, France

December 8, 2020


The end of the year is approaching, the good smell of gingerbread invades the kitchen. So it’s time to install the fir tree, balls and garlands to light up your living room. But a question that rabbit owners often ask themselves: Is my fir tree dangerous for my dwarf rabbit? 

01 – The Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the essential element of a living room at Christmas time. As soon as it arrives, your rabbit will quickly realise that a new element has come to enrich its playground and its first reflex will be to taste it. If this happens, don’t worry, if your tree is natural, your rabbit is safe. On the other hand, you must prevent this from happening again. This will be achieved by educating your rabbit.

But why should I prevent it from eating the wood or branches if my rabbit is natural, you might ask? Well, quite simply because fir trees regularly contain pesticides, paints, varnishes or preservatives that can be harmful to your rabbit.

Nowlapins lapin nain sapin épine danger

The Christmas tree

Photographed by Unsplash.

02 – The decorations

Decorations are also a risk for your rabbit. Electric garlands attract rabbits, who take a malicious pleasure in devouring them. This can be fatal by causing an electrocution. 

Christmas baubles can also be dangerous because they are very fragile. A rabbit mistaking a ball for a toy can quickly break it and injure itself with it.

Nowlapins Décorations Lapin Sapin Noel Guirlande

Christmas decorations.

Photographed by Unsplash.

03 – A few tips

As far as the fir tree is concerned, in order to limit the risk of intoxication as much as possible, I advise you to use a natural fir tree, if possible eco-responsible, without artificial snow or preservatives. Potted fir trees often meet these criteria. For the garlands, remember to protect them like all the electrical wires in your house. Finally, for the balls, I suggest you opt for plastic balls that are difficult to break.

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