Identifying your dwarf rabbit

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Julie Lambert, Paris, France

July 30, 2021


01 – Is it compulsory to identify your rabbit?

Dwarf rabbit, ram rabbit, angora rabbit, … Is it compulsory to identify your rabbit as it is for a dog or a cat? Many rabbit owners ask themselves this question. You should know that no, regardless of the breed, it is not compulsory in France to have your rabbit identified.

02 – Why identify your rabbit?

In France, identifying your rabbit is not compulsory, but for better traceability in case of loss, runaway or theft of the animal it is highly recommended. Moreover, identification allows better certification of vaccinations and monitoring of treatments.

Moreover, even if identification is not compulsory in France, it may be in other countries. Some border countries require it if you wish to travel with your rabbit. It is therefore essential to find out before travelling with your pet, especially if you are taking modes of transport such as the train or plane.

03 – How to identify your rabbit?

To identify your rabbit, all you have to do is visit your vet. The vet will apply the same procedures as for a dog or cat. A microchip is implanted under the skin by the vet using an injector. The chip contains a sequence of 15 unchangeable digits, forming a code that provides information on the country, species, chip manufacturer and characteristics of your pet. The size of the chip and the place of implantation are defined by the veterinarian according to the species.

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