Going on holiday with your dwarf rabbit

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Julie Lambert, Paris, France

July 4, 2021


01 – Holidays with or without rabbits?

Every summer the same questions arise for all rabbit owners: will the rabbit go on holiday with you? If so, how can you take him with you? If not, who can take care of him? These are all questions that must be answered before the big departure. The ideal is always to take your rabbit(s) with you. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, as many hotels, residences and so on refuse to accept animals at their holiday destination. A holiday destination that is too far away or with a climate that is too hot can also be an obstacle to taking your rabbit(s) with you. So what to do?

02 – The rabbit stays home

If you have several rabbits, it is possible to leave them alone at home. Indeed, with several rabbits, they can stay without getting bored as long as someone you trust comes to feed them, water them and change their litter. On the other hand, I strongly advise against this solution if your rabbit is alone, as it may become bored and stop eating.

03 – The rabbit goes to a nanny

Another solution is to take your rabbit to a nanny, someone you trust who will take him in and look after him every day. The advantage of this solution is that your rabbit will have a new environment and a rabbit-sitter who can play with him during your holidays.

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04 – The rabbit goes with you on the transport

Finally, if you are lucky enough to be able to take your rabbit on holiday, it is important to plan the journey well, as this is the most stressful stage for him.
The car is the best way to take your rabbit on holiday. In a sufficiently large carrier (cat or puppy type), your rabbit will be able to enjoy the journey with you. Nevertheless, remember to stop regularly to give him water, feed him and stretch his legs. As for the heat, be careful with the air conditioning, which should not be too strong. You should also avoid opening the windows, which create violent draughts. You can put a wet towel on top of the cage to keep it cool or add a flat block of ice under a carpet.
When travelling by train or boat you can follow the same instructions as for the car. Rabbits can handle these types of transport very well.
However, when it comes to the train, I advise you to avoid it. This mode of transport is very stressful for a rabbit, whether in the hold or in the cabin.

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