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Julie Lambert, Paris, France

April 23, 2021


01 – Why take your rabbit out into the garden

Here comes the return of the fine weather, the flowers are coming out of the ground, the fruit trees are beginning to bloom, what a magnificent panorama that is offered to us at the beginning of spring! And what better way to take advantage of these beautiful days than to take our rabbit outside and let him (re)discover the taste of fresh grass and fresh air after a winter confined to the house. It’s a wonderful idea to take your rabbit outside, but it should not be done without caution because gardens, even if they seem peaceful, are full of dangers for your companions if you are not careful.

02 – Hazards in the garden

Toxic plants : Once outside, your rabbit will not know what to do! This lush vegetation is a real paradise for him. But if grass, dandelion or clover do not represent any danger for him, you should know that it is not the case for other plants such as ivy, boxwood, holly, rhododendron, rose, lily of the valley, daffodil, tulip and many other flowers are extremely toxic.
Parasites : In the garden there are many parasites, insects and mosquitoes that can be harmful to the health of your rabbit. That is why it is important to vaccinate your rabbit before letting it run around in the grass and to treat it regularly against parasites.
The weather : Rabbits prefer temperatures between 10°C and 20°C. Rabbits used to living indoors even prefer temperatures of 15°C to 20°C. Therefore, it is important to introduce your rabbit gently before going outside for the day. If the day is going to be hot, I advise you to offer your rabbit a very important shaded area with plenty of water to avoid any risk of sunstroke.
Predators : If you have a large garden and depending on where you live, it is possible that predators will want to attack your rabbit. Foxes, weasels and birds of prey are the greatest risk, but you should also be aware that hunting dogs and feral cats can also be dangerous for your rabbit. That is why I recommend that you make sure that these animals cannot enter your property and that you always keep an eye on your rabbit to avoid any unnecessary risk. With these few precautions, your dwarf rabbit will be able to enjoy the garden and the fresh air without any danger.
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