My rabbit is pawing

Julie Lambert Amoureuse Lapin Nain

Julie Lambert, Paris, France

April 14, 2021


01 – Natural behaviour

Have you ever noticed your rabbit making a pawing noise? Perhaps you think your rabbit has acting talent and wants to imitate Panpan in the film Bambi? The origin of this behaviour is quite different. In the wild, a rabbit living in a colony must be able to communicate with its fellow rabbits and above all to alert its companions when danger arrives. A very effective way for rabbits to communicate is to stamp their feet loudly on the ground.

02 – The reasons for this behaviour

As in the wild, the domestic rabbit sometimes paws to communicate, either with another rabbit or with you. Generally, the rabbit paws when it feels stressed or in danger. This can be caused by a loud noise such as a hoover or a slamming door. But these are not the only reasons. Sometimes the rabbit paws to draw attention to itself during a lack of attention or even after sex.

03 – What to do about this behaviour

There is no miracle solution to this behaviour. You should not scold your rabbit for acting like this for good reason. First of all, you must understand why your rabbit feels the need to stamp its feet. Does he feel in danger or something else? If you want to prevent your rabbit from making too much noise or hurting itself by kicking on hard surfaces, you can add soft mats to your home.

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Où adopter mon lapin ?

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Quel lapin adopter ?

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