Rabbit litter

Julie Lambert Amoureuse lapin domestique

Julie Lambert, Paris, France

April 8, 2021


01 – Materials not to be used

Foin litière lapin nain


Edible Non-absorbent
Mais litière lapin nain


Edible Expensive
Lapin Nain Fruit Banane Banana


Harmful Non-absorbent
Litière parfumé lapin

Scented Litter

Harmful Irritating to the respiratory tract

02 – Materials to be used

Copeau bois litière lapin

Poplar or aspen chips

Absorbent Discreet odour
Chanvre litière lapin bunny

Hemp or flax

Absorbent Non-volatile

03 – Why choose the right litter

Choosing the right litter for your rabbit will not only limit health problems caused by poor cage hygiene, but will also prevent bad odours from spreading throughout your home on a daily basis. It is important to remember that a quality litter does not replace regular and careful maintenance for the well-being of your pet.

04 – My opinion

I’m a big fan of hemp, I find that this material has only advantages for my rabbits who are relatively sensitive. I also use non-toxic wood shavings from time to time. I always add a sink mat to the top of my litter box so that my rabbits can’t dig in it. What kind of litter do you use for your rabbit?
pododermatite lapin nain


Pododermatite chez le lapin nain

Lapin Nain Urine Pipi Nowlapins Canapé Sofa


Mon lapin urine sur mon canapé

Nowlapins Couper Griffe du lapin nain


Couper les griffes de votre lapin nain


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