Insure your dwarf rabbit

Julie Lambert Amoureuse Lapin Nain

Julie Lambert, Paris, France

March 24, 2020


01 – Why insure your rabbit?

As you know, rabbits are pets that are classified as ‘new pets’, also abbreviated to NAC. They are just as important in the hearts of adopters as a dog or cat, so you want to take the best possible care of them. To do this, you need to take care of their health. This is why it is necessary to treat it against parasites regularly, to vaccinate it every year and of course to go to a specialised vet if necessary. All of this can represent a significant cost per year. Even more so if your rabbit suffers from a serious injury, a bill or an illness. In order to avoid having to choose amputation or euthanasia when surgery or treatment is possible for financial reasons only, I advise you to take out a pet rabbit insurance policy. This type of insurance will allow you to make significant savings.

02 – How much does rabbit insurance cost?

The price of a rabbit insurance policy depends mainly on the age of your rabbit and the level of cover you want. The cost varies from €8 to €20 per month. With such an insurance you will be reimbursed for annual vaccinations, medication, imaging tests and even sterilisation and other surgical procedures.

Vétérinaire spécialisé lapin nain

Credit Unsplash.

03 – Where to insure your rabbit?

To find insurance for your rabbit you can first contact your insurer to find out if they have such an offer. You can also look for specialised pet insurance providers. Of course, I advise you to compare prices on the insurance comparison websites available on the internet.

Où adopter mon lapin nain


Où adopter mon lapin ?

Quel lapin nain adopter


Quel lapin adopter ?

Tout le nécessaire avant l'adoption d'un lapin nain


Tout le nécessaire avant l’adoption


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