The dwarf rabbit in summer

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Julie Lambert, Paris, France

March 20, 2020


01 – The rabbit and heat

The rabbit is a hairy animal and therefore better tolerates the cold than the hot. The rabbit is in its comfort zone for temperatures ranging from 10 а 20 degrees Celsius. Therefore, whether your rabbit lives indoors or outdoors, it can quickly suffer from the heat in the summer. That is why it is important to help your rabbit on a daily basis as soon as the 25 degrees Celsius is reached.

02 – Few precautions 

To help your rabbit you have two possibilities. The first is to freshen up your house. For this all the methods you use for yourself are good. 


1. Air conditioning

You can use air conditioning as long as there is no thermal shock between the outside and the inside and you don’t turn the air conditioning on your rabbit.

2. Ventilator

You can also use a fan (with or without a humidifier) to circulate the air in your home. As rabbits are very sensitive to draughts, the fan should not be directly on your rabbit.

3. Close the shutters and open at night

You can close your shutters during the hottest hours of the day and open the windows at night to enjoy the “fresh” air.

The second possibility is to refresh your rabbit directly. There are several options for this, such as : 


1. Choosing a good location

Place your rabbit in the coolest room of your home and do not leave it in full sleep.

2. Give plenty of water

Provide your rabbit with plenty of water at room temperature. To increase water consumption, you can add a few drops of juice from time to time.

3. Use an ice pack

You can take an ice pack from your freezer and wrap it in a glove or towel so that your rabbit can lie on it if necessary.

4. Wet the ears

Rabbits regulate their temperature through their ears. You can humiliate his ears slightly to cool him down a bit.

5. Giving fresh vegetables

Increasing the dose of fresh and well rinsed (still wet) vegetables allows your rabbit to fill up with water while enjoying itself. During these periods you can favour vegetables such as watermelon or cucumber which are rich in water.

03 – Walks in summer

If you wish to walk your rabbit in the summer, I advise you to avoid the hottest hours of the day and to prefer the beginning of the day or early evening to take it outside. Make sure you always have water available as well as shady places. Finally, pay attention to thermal shocks when moving from a cool house to a warmer outside.

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