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Julie lambert lapin nain testeur

Julie Lambert, Paris, France

March 5, 2021


As you probably already know, rabbits are animals that tend to defecate when they eat their hay. This rabbit litter box is therefore ideal for your rabbit, both to teach it to be clean and to respect its physiological needs.

01 – Presentation

This litter box comes in two parts. The lower part is a plastic litter tray of a size largely suitable for two medium sized rabbits and the upper part consists of a large wooden rack with an opening at the top and bars to prevent the hay from falling into the litter tray by itself. Furthermore, the size between the bars seems to have been calculated to avoid any danger for our small animals.

02 –How does it work?

The use is very simple, once assembled, the litter box is ready for use. Just lift the lid and put a few handfuls of hay in the rack and prepare the litter and your rabbits will be able to enjoy this new element to their utmost delight. A small point of caution: it is best not to put too much hay in at once and to refill it several times a day. This will help to avoid wasting hay.

Lapin Nain Pipine Litière Râtelier Foin

Pipine discovering her new litter.

Photographed by Julie Lambert.

03 – My opinion

So this wooden litter box is the ideal solution to meet all the desires of our big-eared companions. Personally, I am very satisfied with my purchase and my rabbits have adopted it immediately. Pinpin and Pipine seem very happy to have enough space for both of them to look for the best hay while doing their business.

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Où adopter mon lapin ?

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Quel lapin adopter ?

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Tout le nécessaire avant l’adoption


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