My rabbit urinates on the sofa

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Julie Lambert, Paris, France

February 8, 2021


You are happy, you have finally been able to educate your rabbit so that it learns to pee only in its litter box! Bravo, you have done most of its education. Unfortunately, you only turn around for 5 minutes and all your efforts are already called into question…your rabbit has just urinated on your sofa.

01 – Why does my rabbit pee on my sofa?

As you probably already know, the rabbit is an animal for which hierarchy is very important and occupies a very special place in its education. Following its adoption, it is you who becomes the leader of the pack and your rabbit knows it very well. But from time to time, your rabbit will probably get tired of not being the leader and will try his luck to take your place.

So after observing you and seeing how much time you spend on your couch (even more so in these confined times), he concludes that the couch is most likely the leader’s place. And so he decides that in your absence, he will climb on it and urinate on it in order to take possession of it. He may even want to prevent you from sitting on it.

Lapin Nain Dwarf Rabbit Sofa Canapé

Rabbits on the sofa.

Photographed by Julie Lambert.

02 – How to educate your rabbit to stop urinating on the sofa

Luckily in this situation, you don’t have to urinate all over your sofa to regain possession of your territory. The first thing to do is if you catch your rabbit scolding it with a firm no and place it in its litter box. If you don’t catch him in the act, there’s no point in taking this step.

Next, it is imperative that you remove the smell of your rabbit from your sofa. To do this you can either clean your cover in the washing machine if possible or use white vinegar first and then a specific product for sofas to remove all odours and traces.

Then, you will have to forbid your rabbit access to your sofa for a while by a non-firm person so that he understands that this is your place and that you are the boss who makes the decisions.

I do not recommend the use of repellents or other repellents, which are often not very effective and very chemical. Finally, if your rabbit is not sterilized, I advise you to do it as soon as possible, it will further reduce its territorial instincts.

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