Indoor Garden Lilo

Julie Lambert, Paris, France

January 29, 2021


Nowlapins Boite Lilo Connect Potager

Front panel of the Lilo Connect box.

Photographed by Julie Lambert.

01 – Presentation

Lilo is one of the best known indoor vegetable gardens. Launched by the French start-up Prêt à Pousser, it is today a must for Frech Tech in France and Europe. Designed to adapt to all interiors, the Smart Lilo benefits from a very sober and uncluttered design. Made mainly of “Made in France” materials, the Smart Lilo includes the low-energy LED ramp with its power supply, a base, a bamboo stand and three pots to hold your seeds.

02 – How does it work?

Lilo works with an application available on iOS and Android. Once assembled, all you have to do is add the seeds to the pots and fill the water tanks with water to raise the floats to the right height.
Then connect the Lilo with the application and let yourself be guided. The application asks us which plants we have grown in order to recommend the best light settings. Once this has been done, all we have to do is wait for the plants to grow.

03 – My opinion

The Lilo connect is a beautifully finished object that allows various aromatic plants to grow in tight spaces.
In terms of quantity supplied, you can hope to feed your rabbits once a week once the plants have reached maturity.

Nowlapins Potager Lilo Connect

The Lilo Connect vegetable garden after 1 month of growth.

Photographed by Julie Lambert.

The Lilo Connect is ideal for those who like to garden or have herbs in their home to feed their dwarf rabbit from time to time.


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