Brushes for dwarf rabbits

Julie lambert lapin nain testeur cage

Julie Lambert, Paris, France

December 28, 2020


01 – The grooming set for rabbits

The rabbit grooming set is a set that is regularly sold in pet shops. It consists of various brushes as well as a claw file and a claw chisel for rabbits and rodents. This kit is interesting for all beginners on a small budget or for those who have short-haired rabbits with little hair loss.

Kit toilettage brosse lapin nain

Brush kit for dwarf rabbit sold in pet shops.

Photographed by Julie Lambert.

02 – The furminator brush for rabbits and small animals

The special rabbit furminator is a brush that has been specially developed to remove dead hairs and thus reduce knots while stimulating their growth in an optimal way. It has the advantage that it is able to remove more than 90% of dead hairs, and at the same time it fits perfectly into the shape of your rabbit. However, as this brush is a little more expensive than traditional brushes, it is recommended above all for those who will use it regularly, such as owners of long-haired rabbits like angora rabbits for example.

Furminator lapin nain poils

Furminator pour lapin nain.

Photographed by Julie Lambert.

03 – My opinion

Personally, I think both brushes are very interesting even if they don’t meet exactly the same needs. The classic grooming kits are primarily intended for rabbits with little hair and little hair loss. The fuminator is more specifically designed for rabbits with long hair or subject to heavy hair loss. 

No matter what you choose, you should always check that the brush you buy is specifically suitable for rabbits. Dog and cat brushes are often too stiff and may cause irritation and pain to your rabbit.

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