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Julie Lambert, Paris, France

December 22, 2020


Brushing your rabbit is an important grooming step and should be done regularly, especially during the moulting period and even more so if you have an angora or long-haired rabbit. If you have a rabbit it is therefore necessary to know why to brush it, how to brush it or what to brush it with.

01 – Why brush your dwarf rabbit?

Just like dogs or cats, rabbits’ hair dies and therefore rabbits shed their hair throughout their lives and even more so during the moulting period. In order to prevent these hairs from getting stuck in your rabbit’s coat and then being ingested by your rabbit during grooming, it is important to remove them with a brush. Failure to do so can lead to a long-term build-up of hair in the intestines, which can be fatal.

Furthermore, brushing your rabbit will allow you to regularly monitor its skin to see if there are any problems such as inflammations or insect bites and other parasites.

02 – How to brush your dwarf rabbit?

For how to brush your rabbit, I advise you to associate this moment with a pleasant moment from a very young age, for example with small pieces of fruit and also with a few gentle caresses. You can also hold it close to you, on the floor, letting it nibble in your hand while you brush it.

03 – What to brush your dwarf rabbit with?

To take care of your rabbit’s coat, it is essential to use the right brush. The brush must not be too stiff so as not to injure your rabbit and irritate its skin. To do this I advise you to read my dedicated article in the “products” category and to equip yourself with a specific brush for rabbits.

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Brushes that can be used to brush your dwarf rabbit.

Photographed by Julie Lambert.

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