Which floors are suitable for my rabbits? 

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Julie Lambert, Paris, France

December 1, 2020


It may seem trivial, but the floor on which your rabbit will live, play and grow is very important. Not only for its physical health, but also for its morale. In the wild, rabbits live on soil, grass or sand. But this is not possible for rabbits living indoors. Even access to a garden from time to time with grass is not enough. It is therefore essential to provide them with soils that are adapted to their morphology.

01 – Criteria to be taken into account

Before choosing a floor or floors for your rabbit, you have to consider a few criteria for the well-being of your rabbit:

1. A comfortable floor

2. A stable floor

3. An easy-care floor

4. A non-toxic floor

5. A floor alternating hard and soft surfaces

6. A ground for digging or scraping

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a single floor with all these criteria…but it is possible to offer your rabbit different places to meet all these criteria.

02 – Floors in your home

1. Carpet

Carpet, although less and less fashionable in homes, is very pleasant for rabbits. They can run and jump on it without risk. The real disadvantage of carpeting is that the pile clings to it and it is difficult to clean.

Nowlapins Sol Lapin Nain Moquette

2. Linoleum

Linoleum or lino is a comfortable floor for rabbits. He can run and jump on it without risk of being hurt. The floor is not very complicated to clean, which makes it one of the most interesting household floors for your rabbit.

Nowlapins Sol Lapin Nain Lino

3. Parquet

Parquet is very present in homes, especially for its aesthetic appeal. But although it is easy to clean, it is relatively slippery for a rabbit. So your rabbit may not get too much exercise on it.

Nowlapins Lapin Nain Sol Parquet Bois

4. Tiling

Tiles are also very present in houses. Although it is easy to maintain and impossible for a rabbit to gnaw, it has the disadvantage of being very hard and therefore dangerous in case of a fall. Rabbits will nevertheless love it to lie down and enjoy its freshness, especially in summer.

Nowlapins Carrelage Sol Lapin Nain

03 – Floors to add to your home

1. Natural carpets 

Natural carpets are perfect for rabbits! Rugs such as sea rush, coconut and similar materials are a real treat for rabbits. You can give him one from time to time. He will then most likely spend time on it, scratching and gnawing it. Hours of fun are guaranteed.

Bamboo and straw mats are also great for rabbits. They can run and jump on them safely and are very similar to natural rabbit floors.

Nowlapins Lapin Nain Sol Jonc de mer

2. Synthetic carpets

Synthetic carpets are also interesting for your rabbit. They are easy to care for, comfortable, non-slip and above all inexpensive. However, be careful with some carpets with fluffy or long hair. These can be swallowed by your rabbit, with the risk of serious consequences. Another type of carpet appreciated by rabbits is the shower mat, this one is very resistant and soft on which he can lie down without any problem. It also has the advantage of being absorbent.

Lapin Nain Sol Tapis Nowlapins Synthétique

3. Fabrics

You can very well give your rabbit a plaid or a cushion, he can either run on it or rest on it. In any case, they can be cleaned easily. 

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Nowlapins lapin nain hiver froid


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