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Julie Lambert Author Rabbit lover

Julie Lambert, Paris, France

November 27, 2020


Does your rabbit dirty its litter very quickly? You should never neglect your rabbit’s hygiene. A simple way to clean the top of the litter box is to remove the droppings with a small broom. So today I present you this little accessory which is great to help you in the cleaning of your rabbit’s litter box.

01 – Presentation

The broom and shovel for litter is a small accessory available on Amazon for a few euros and which allows you to clean the top of a litter box very quickly, saving you the trouble of changing the entire litter box several times a week. This accessory consists of a shovel and a broom made of impact-resistant plastic that prevents odours and stains. Another advantage is that the broom clicks into the shovel for easy storage and less clutter.

02 – My opinion

In addition to being an inexpensive accessory, it has the advantage of being very resistant since I have been using it for a year now and it still looks like new. The plastic can very well be passed under water to clean it. This broom allows me to clean the top of my litter boxes for my rabbits several times a week without having to change everything all the time. This saves a lot of money and ensures hygiene for my rabbits.

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