Wooden candy cube

Julie Lambert Author Blog rabbit lover

Julie Lambert, Paris, France

November 24, 2020


Another ideal rabbit toy to arouse curiosity is the wooden candy cube. It allows your rabbit to play and have fun while awakening its senses and intelligence.

01 – Presentation

As its name suggests, the toy is in the form of a wooden rectangle made up of two cubes each held by a string. The principle is simple, you can put some sweets or fruit in the cubes and hide them in the wooden rectangle before giving it to your rabbit.

02 – How does it work?

To use it, simply take out the cubes, fill them with some treats such as chopped fruit and then reinsert the cubes into the wooden rectangle before giving it to your rabbit.
Your rabbit must then sniff the treats and understand that he must pull the strings to get the cubes out and eat the treats hidden inside.

03 – My opinion

I have had this toy for several months and give it to my rabbits two or three times a month and each time he loves to play with it. The first time it took them a while to figure out how to open it but now I barely show them the wooden cube that they run on the ropes to enjoy delicious fresh fruit.


Pipine ready to play with her wooden candy cube.

Photographed by Julie Lambert.


The candy cube is a perfect toy for all rabbits, awakening their senses on a daily basis.

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