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Julie Lambert, Paris, France

November 22, 2020


If you say rabbits to your family and friends, chances are they will associate the animal with the idea of the countryside, running around in the fields. While it is true that the rabbit is a wild animal that lives in forests and fields, this is not the case for the dwarf rabbit, which can live in a house with a garden but also in a flat.

01 – The dwarf rabbit, an urban animal

The dwarf rabbit is a pet that is perfectly adapted to city life and also to life in a flat. If you want a rabbit but are hesitating because you live in a studio or larger flat, you can adopt one and it will be very happy if you take a few precautions.
It is true that rabbits with access to gardens will greatly appreciate walks in the grass, but as the dwarf rabbit is very sensitive to changes in temperature, living in a flat is also highly recommended for him.

02 – The advantages of a pet rabbit in a flat

A dwarf rabbit is just as suitable for life in a flat and perhaps even more so as it combines many of the advantages of both animals but without some of the disadvantages.


1. The dwarf rabbit is as clean an animal as a cat if you teach it.


2. The dwarf rabbit needs a small territory.


3. The dwarf rabbit needs exercise but running in a flat is more than enough for him unlike a dog.


4. The dwarf rabbit cannot cause noise pollution.


5. The dwarf rabbit has a rhythm of life adapted to that of active people.


6. The dwarf rabbit loves to be stroked and cuddled.

Nowlapins lapin nain appartement

The flat of Pinpin and Pipine.

Photographed by Julie Lambert.

03 – Nevertheless, a few words of advice

In my case I live in a 40m2 flat in Paris with an 8m2 terrace as well and my rabbit couple is very happy every day. There is enough space for him to run around and let off steam. They often have the opportunity to come and see me to ask for caresses and cuddles on the sofa.
However, before all this, I had to secure my flat, protecting the electrical cables in particular. Moreover, if you want to leave your balcony accessible to your rabbit you also have to protect it to prevent your rabbit from falling. I also recommend that you pay attention to the different plants you might have which can be toxic as well as the height of your furniture as rabbits can jump extremely high, sometimes more than a metre. Otherwise living with a rabbit in a flat is to ensure that you have wonderful moments every day.

Floor dwarf rabbit


Which floors are suitable for my rabbits? 

Nowlapins lapin nain hiver froid


The dwarf rabbit in winter

Nowlapins Sapin Noel Lapin Nain Danger


Dwarf rabbits and Christmas tree


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