Ferplast 160 Rabbit Cage

Julie Lambert dwarf rabbit author

Julie Lambert, Paris, France

October 28, 2020


As I already told you on my blog, when a new bunny arrives, it is important to have a suitable cage for it. But which cage to choose among the multitude of cages available on the market? Today I propose you to discover the Plaza 160 cage of the Ferplast brand that I used for my two rabbits.

01 – Presentation

The Ferplast Cage Plaza 160 is a 160 cm long, 60 cm wide and 50 cm high cage, which makes it spacious enough for one or two small bunnies. Although finding a cage of this size may seem rare, in reality it is not exactly one cage, but rather two cages: a main part of 120 cm and a secondary part of 40 cm.
The mesh is removable and contains two openings at the top (a large opening for the main part and a small opening for the secondary part).
The tray is a non-slip plastic tray for rabbits, to which a plastic house included in the box can be added, so that the rabbit can hide underneath. Accessories are also supplied, such as a plastic rack, two bottles and a plastic bowl.

Dwarf rabbit cage

The Ferplast 160 cage in its entirety.

Photographed by Vincent Ribet.

02 – Why this cage?

In my opinion this cage is ideal in more than one way. First of all its size suitable for one or two bunnies that will be able to lie down fully and jump into this cage when they are inside. Moreover, the opening of the bars from the top is a security measure for your rabbit which will not get its paws caught in the bars when trying to get in or out. It is also an advantage for you because it is very easy to reach all the corners to clean the cage.
The plastic is of good quality, as are the screens, which are resistant and spaced sufficiently far apart to allow good ventilation. It is also possible to separate the main part from the secondary part with a removable wire mesh, allowing you to separate a rabbit during its convalescence for example. The rest of the time, the size of the 40 cm extension allows you to accommodate a large litter box in order to have a well delimited space in which your rabbit will be able to relieve itself.
Moreover, I have never tried it, but it seems that it is possible to add another 40 cm extension to the cage, allowing a 2 meter long cage.

03 – My opinion

After having seen several cages it is the latter that I recommend for the adoption of a new bunny. She is large, spacious, solid with good performances. But if I had to make a reproach, it would concern the fasteners for the wire netting. These allow all the grills to be solidly fixed and also not to make any noise. However, they are a bit difficult to put on, especially during the first assembly. Another reproach concerns the top of the grating, which in my opinion, would require a small reinforcement to prevent the roof from sagging over time. Nevertheless, this cage is an excellent purchase for a durable and safe rabbit cage and that’s why I recommend it to you.

Dwarf rabbit cage adoption

The Ferplast 160 cage on the side.

Photographed by Vincent Ribet.


The Ferplast 160 cage is an excellent cage for both beginners and experienced adopters to adopt one or two rabbits.

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