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Julie Lambert dwarf rabbit lover

Julie Lambert, Paris, France

October 25, 2020


The shelter or rabbit hut is an essential element for your rabbit. It is important to have at least one available for the well-being of your rabbit. But what is the point of having a hutch for my rabbit that lives indoors or that already has a cage or hutch? I will explain this to you right away.

01 – Presentation

The rabbit shelter is a habitat accessory for domestic rabbits being the equivalent of a burrow for a natural rabbit. This accessory is all the more essential for a rabbit living in a cage or enclosure. The role of the shelter is to imitate the role of a burrow, i.e. allowing the rabbit to hide and reassure itself, out of sight.

02 – Use

The shelter is in the form of a small scale wooden or plastic shed. This miniature house must have several entrances. Why should it have more than one entrance? Simply to allow your rabbit to feel safe by offering him several emergency exits. Be careful! If your hut has only one entrance, he may never use it or gnaw it to make his second exit himself…

03 – My opinion

A hut has a real interest for your rabbit, as soon as he arrives, it allows you to offer him a cocoon just for him, in which he can feel safe. However, I advise you not to buy the first hut you find. It is advisable to find a solid hut, with good quality wood and several entrances. It should also be spacious enough to accommodate all your rabbits without them being crowded. Finally, I advise you to pay attention to the height of the shelter, especially if you place it in a pen, since the rabbit can climb on it and use it as a springboard to go outside.
Last point, the shed is a place only for your rabbit to hide, it must not contain litter or food.

House dwarf rabbit

The cabin in wood of Pinpin and Pipine.

Photographed by Vincent Ribet.


The rabbit hut is a perfect habitat for your rabbit to ensure his well-being and safety.

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