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Julie Lambert rabbit lover

Julie Lambert, Paris, France

October 1, 2020


The rabbit, especially when young, is a very curious animal. He likes to test everything and above all to taste everything.This is why, before your rabbit goes out for the very first time and even more so before its release, whether partial or total, it is imperative to secure your home. The safety of your rabbit is at stake, but also the safety of your home.

01 – Protect your electrical cables

The first piece of advice I can give you is to protect all the electrical wires in your home. Rabbits love to devour them as soon as they are lying around. Therefore, you need to use cable covers or insulating sleeves available on Amazon or in DIY shops to hide all your wires. Also, don’t leave your chargers lying around…I can’t count how many chargers I’ve left lying around and my rabbits have eaten.

Not only can it quickly cost you money to have to change your cables or chargers regularly, but it can also be very dangerous for your rabbit who can electrocute or choke on the wires.

02 – Protect your plants

My second advice is to put your plants high up and make them inaccessible to your rabbits. Most houseplants are poisonous to rabbits. But rabbits have the annoying tendency to be constantly guided by their stomachs and to taste them all.

03 – Protect your decoration

The floors in your house can be a real danger for your rabbits. For example, tiles are extremely slippery, so you should install one or two mats in places so that your rabbits can jump without risk of falling or slipping. A carpet floor or a long-pile rug can also be dangerous if swallowed. Wooden floors can also be very tempting for your rabbits, who will eat them up in one bite. Against all this, it is necessary to educate your rabbit from the very first runs.

Your furniture can suffer the same fate as a parquet floor or a carpet, they can be totally gnawed on if you are not careful. This is why I recommend not letting your rabbits out of your sight during the first few days.

04 – Protect dangerous access

Finally, it is important to restrict access to all places where rabbits can sneak in and which can be dangerous such as balconies, fireplaces, furniture with household products, draughty areas, etc.

Dwarf rabbit plant

Now that you have protected all the risk areas for your rabbit, all you have to do is educate your companion and enjoy him to the fullest.

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